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Savant Midtown, one of the newest restaurants to hit Detroit, is a French inspired “high end” diner, which took the space of the former Latin restaurant Bolero in the Cass Corridor. The menu consists of seasonal and fresh ingredients, sourced from local farms and vendors. The menu is a blend of both French and American cuisine, but also includes influences from the different cultures in the community. And Savant Midtown offers a decent amount of vegan and vegetarian choices.

You will find basic breakfast on the menu, but also luxurious versions of French diner favorites such as croissant biscuits and gravy and the Croque Madam featuring Parisian ham, bechamel, brulee gruyere, and a fried farm egg. The breakfast scramble is also a lavish take on a morning favorite with brioche, gruyere cheese, chive, and black truffle. Additionally, Savant Midtown offers all day dollar oysters and a caviar “bump” (the most expensive thing on the menu) for $15.50, topped with an edible gold leaf and French champagne shooter.

Savant Midtown is a new French diner in Detroit, MI. Find the full review at

And if the food doesn’t impress you, leave it up to the cocktails to do the trick! Bartender Rebecca Wurster is using molecular gastronomy to mix up cocktails such as Canton of Freeburg, described as a drinkable cheese plate featuring a gruyere infused gin, garnished with a gruyere crisp. Some other creative items include the Jagged Edge with cedar smoke and the Center of the Universe, which serves two and comes out looking like a science experiment.

Challenger Deep

Silver tequila, passionfruit, lime, falernum, mole, squid ink. I was hesitant because of the mole, but this cocktail was delicious! A hint of spice coupled with the sweetness from the passionfruit was nice. And, of course, any cocktail that is made with squid ink and black is awesome!

Challenger Deep cocktail from Savant Midtown in Detroit features passionfruit, mole, tequila, and squid ink! Find the full post at

The First Spell

Eucalyptus infused gin, tonic. I expected this cocktail to be strong and overpowering, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. It was a pleasant balance of eucalyptus, gin, and tonic. Very refreshing and light. Savant includes a description of each cocktail after the ingredients which is helpful for decision making. This one is described as Medicinal, Refreshing, Unexpected and it couldn’t be more spot on. Well played, Savant!

First Spell from Savant Midtown in Detroit, MI is a refreshing Eucalyptus gin and tonic. Find the full post at

Now, on to the food!

Vegan Carpaccio Salad

Cashew cheese, blood orange, watercress, mint. My eyes lit up when our server informed us that the greens were sourced from a farm in Ypsilanti. The salad was bright, cool, and fresh. The cashew cheese was warm and sweeter than expected, but balanced the acidity from the blood orange well.

The Vegan Carpaccio Salad features cashew cheese, watercress, mint, and fresh local greens. Find the full review at

Ratatouille Confit

Zucchini, yellow squash, basil, marigold, black truffle. This dish was missing the key component, eggplant, but this ratatouille was still delicious. As I was eating, I noticed that it looked like the eggplant was replaced with bread and butter pickles. One might think this was odd, but I love pickles and the sweet flavor paired well with the fresh herbs and truffle.

The Ratatouille Confit from Savant Midtown in Detroit was delicious. Find the full post at


Lemon beurre blanc, Cajun aioli, scallion. Lightly breaded and perfectly crispy. I really liked the Cajun aioli. Creamy with a hint of heat.

The Calamari from Savant Midtown in Detroit, MI is served with a Cajun aioli that is a tangy and spicy. Delicious! Find the full post at

Crispy Potato and Rutabaga Hash

Shredded potato and rutabaga. Crispy, but a little on the dry side.

Potato and Rutabaga Hash from Savant Midtown in Detroit, MI. Find the full post at

Bread & Butter Pickles

Made in house, thinly sliced. Nice balance of sweet and tangy.

The Bread and Butter Pickles from Savant Midtown in Detroit, MI are house made and perfect. Find the full post at

German Apple Pancake

Saigon cinnamon and hot Michigan maple poured on top table side. This was the perfect Fall dessert. This dish is a marriage of two delicious items: Apple pie and a pancake! My only critique was that the middle wasn’t done enough for my liking. However, the edges were crispy and caramelized. And you received big chunks of apple in every bite.

The German Apple Pancake from Savant Midtown in Detroit, MI is a perfect Fall dessert. Served with warm Michigan Maple syrup poured on top this delectable dish right in front of your eyes! Find the full review at

Overall, the experience at Savant was pleasant. Service was very good and the overall vibe was enjoyable. I always appreciate it when the manager stops by the table to ensure everything is going well. If you haven’t been, get off your butt and stop in. I recommend ordering a little bit of everything! Savant is opened Tuesday through Sunday. The restaurant will host DJs and art shows with live paintings. Savant will host pop-ups on Mondays, when the restaurant is closed.

Savant•51 W Forest Ave, Detroit MI•313-285-9294