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Cold Truth, who just a short time ago occupied the space inside Grandma Bob’s, opened the doors to it’s brick and mortar location at Canfield and Cass in Midtown, Detroit, MI, December of 2019. With unique ice cream flavors like Mexican Chocolate and creative toppings such as strawberry dust, Cold Truth is cranking out soft serve like you’ve never seen it before. The best part? They have vegan options! Check it out.

Lavender Soft Serve with Blue Moon Dip

Sayyyy whatttt???? Oh yea, amazing, right?! It’s no surprise that I love Superman and Blue Moon ice cream and when I saw this option, I freaked. Could it be? Right there, before my eyes, on the menu was a blue moon dip. You better believe it! It was delicious! The lavender was subtle and paired well with the fruity blue moon hard coating.

Vegan Mexican Chocolate

With Strawberry Dust, Black Cone. Slightly spiced with notes of cinnamon. So creamy, I couldn’t even tell it was vegan! The spiced chocolate went well with the delicate strawberry dust. And it added a nice color, too!

I love that Cold Truth Soft Serve offers vegan flavors that actually taste good and don’t have a weird consistency. The vegan Mexican Chocolate was super creamy and tasted exactly like dairy soft serve. I can’t wait to see what other vegan flavors Cold Truth comes out with.