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It all started when Detroit natives Nate Peck & Kristen Calverley moved to Pittsburgh and could not find Detroit-style pizza. They took matters into their own hands and started making pies at home. Their pizza turned out so good, that they decided to apply for the Pittsburgh restaurant accelerator food hall. They opened Michigan & Trumbull at Federal Galley in Pittsburgh December 2017, where they built a reputation with their creative menu and that authentic Detroit-style thick, crispy crust that we all love. Now, Michigan & Trumbull is back home in Detroit and dishing out delicious pizzas.

Michigan & Trumbull Pizza, located in Detroit, MI. Serving up authentic Detroit-style pizzas. Featuring salads and brunch pies! Find the full post at

Their Detroit-style pizzas consist of innovative creations named after Detroit streets. Packard Pepperoni is your classic pepperoni pizza with a hint of sweet and spice, featuring pepperoni, house made hot honey, and pickled chilies. Farnsworth Funghi is a mushroom pie. Sounds boring, right? Well, add whipped goat cheese, local shrooms, peppery arugula, and lemon zest and your basic mushroom pizza is now transformed into one of Michigan & Trumbull’s best sellers.

Michigan & Trumbull also has a brunch menu featuring sweet and savory pizzas. The sweet features mozzarella, whipped goat cheese, pear, pistachio, and house made honey and the savory mozzarella, cheddar, tomato, ham, and a dippy egg. My mouth is watering! 

A few of my friends and I stopped in to try out Michigan & Trumbull. I needed their help for reviews on the meat pies. We got the run down of the menu and selected our items. Within 15 minutes our food was on our table!

Teader Fries

Ode to Detroit street artist Jordan “Tead” Vaughn. Crispy waffle fries, BBQ seasoning, cilantro ranch. Super crispy fries elevated with sweet and smoky BBQ seasoning. The cilantro ranch adds a creamy coolness. Really good!

Teader Fries are waffle fries with BBQ seasoning and cilantro ranch. Find the full post at

Packard Pepperoni (pictured below, left)

Red sauce (on top), mozzarella, pickled chilies, pepperoni, house made hot honey. I am really impressed that Michigan & Trumbull is making their own hot honey. Classic pepperoni pizza featuring curly pepperoni combined with sweet and spicy honey and pickled chilies, browned, bubbly cheese, and a crispy crust.

Packard Pepperoni & Farnsworth Fungi pizza from Michigan & Trumbull in Detroit, MI. Find the full post at

Farnsworth Funghi (pictured above, right)

Mozzarella, whipped goat cheese, mushroom, arugula, lemon zest. Lemon zest on a pizza? Brilliant! And that whipped goat cheese? Oh baby! It adds an elevated creaminess to each bite that mozzarella alone cannot achieve. The peppery arugula is a nice fresh finish. No wonder it’s a best seller!

Farsnworth Fungi Pizza from Michigan & Trumbull in Detroit, MI. Delicious Detroit-style pizza with fresh, local ingredients and a crispy crust. Find the full post at

Woodward White (pictured below, left)

Mozzarella, ricotta, red pepper flakes, lemon zest, garlic oil. Whoa baby! This pie is seriously amazing. I love a good white pizza and this one was delicious. The creamy ricotta paired with the spicy red pepper and bright lemon zest was perfect. That garlic oil just adds a little something extra to tie each flavor together.

Woodward White Pizza from Michigan & Trumbull in Detroit, MI. Featuring mozzarella, ricotta cheese, lemon zest, red pepper flakes, and garlic oil. Find the full post at

Bagley Chorizo (pictured below, right)

Mozzarella , pickled onion, house made chorizo, cilantro ranch. Spicy, smoky, chorizo accompanies sweet pickled onions, drizzled with an herby creamy ranch. Simple pizza with a spicy, smoky twist, crispy crust, and perfectly melted cheese. Well balanced.

Michigan & Trumbull Pizza located in Detroit, MI is serving up some delicious, authentic Detroit-style pizza with creative toppings. Find the full post at

Michigan & Trumbull is changing the Detroit-style pizza game. Corner to corner cheese blankets every bite, an evenly cooked slice with crispy edges (accomplished without even having a pizza oven), and fresh, local toppings. Now, that’s skill!

Dietary restrictions? Michigan & Trumbull has you covered. All pizzas can be made gluten free. Michigan & Trumbull also offers a vegan pie featuring red sauce, arugula, garlic oil, and dealers choice of UNLIMITED veggies for only $8. Michigan & Trumbull uses Follow Your Heart vegan cheese which is my favorite because of its creaminess and melt factor.

Currently, you can find Michigan & Trumbull inside Fort St Galley until November 3rd. They are expecting to open up their brick & mortar restaurant at 1441 W. Elizabeth St in Corktown, Detroit late November 2019. I can’t wait! Michigan & Trumbull’s Corktown location will be beer forward, offering classic cocktails and wine. The floats won’t be on the new menu, but there will be more dessert options and cool new menu items including a calzone called the “Boblo Boat.” Michigan & Trumbull will also have a rooftop bar next year. If you haven’t tried a pizza from Michigan & Trumbull yet and can’t wait until late November, swing by and pick up a pie!