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Antihero opened in Downtown Ferndale, in the Fall of 2018. Antihero describes itself as “Your neighborhood Izakaya” which, in Japanese means, a casual pub. A fusion of Korean, Japanese, and American flavors, Antihero entices palates with fun, creative dishes like Kimchi “Carbonara” and “Chicken Fried” Tofu.

“Chicken Fried” Tofu: Mayo, soy maple-caramel, jalapeno, furikake (dry, Japanese seasoning), cilantro. This dish was recommended by a couple dining at a nearby table and it was delicious. The tofu was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Sweet, smoky, spicy combine to produce an elegant, yet comforting dish. So delicious that we ordered seconds.

"Chicken Fried" Tofu featuring mayo, soy maple-caramel, jalapeno, furikake, cilantro.Find the full post at

"Chicken Fried" Tofu from Antihero in Ferndale, MI. A delicious fusion of crispy fried tofu, mayo, soy maple-caramel, cilantro, and jalapeno. Find the full post at

Roasted Baby Carrots: Tamarind sriracha, coconut, Thai herbs. This dish came out first, first impression if you will. I tasted the coconut first since it was on top. It was cold, as if it were frozen and shaved on top the dish, like a snow cone. It added a refreshing sweetness which balanced the spice of the tamarind sriracha. The carrots still had a bite to them which was good.

Roasted Carrots from Antihero in Ferndale, MI. Bold flavors of Tamarind sriracha and coconut join forces in this sweet and spicy dish. Find the full post at

Grilled Avocado: Peanut tahini, pomegranate, mizuna (Japanese mustard greens), chili-garlic salsa. The peanut tahini was interesting with the avocado, but the chili-garlic salsa added a spice that blended the flavors. The pomegranate was nice and added a pop of sweetness.

Grilled Avocado from Antihero in Ferndale, MI. Peanut tahini and pomegranate compliment each other in this bright and unique dish. Find the full post at

Shrimp Toast: “Dynamite” shrimp, spicy mayo, shredded lettuce. The toast was exactly what you wanted, crispy and didn’t lose it’s texture when topped with the saucy shrimp. The lettuce was my least favorite. It didn’t add a whole lot and something with a little more crunch would’ve been perfect.

Shrimp Toast from Antihero in Ferndale, MI. Spicy mayo coated shrimp pairs well when spread on crispy toast. Find the full post at

Cabbage Caesar: Lemon-caper dressing, seaweed breadcrumbs. This salad was awesome with cabbage. It was simple, yet an upgrade to your classic Caesar salad. The seaweed breadcrumbs brought crouton vibes, but didn’t take over the dish. The lemon-caper dressing was bright and refreshing.

Cabbage Caesar from Antihero in Ferndale, MI. More texture and crunch than traditional romaine lettuce. Find the full post at

Service was great and our server did a good job at walking us through the menu and offering suggestions. The food was awesome. The flavor mash ups were unique, yet worked well together. Each ingredient’s flavor came through on it’s own, but complimented each other. The dining space was nice, roomy, and open. Overall, everything on the menu was delightful. There were dishes I wanted to try so I will definitely be back.