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I heard about the Feet on the Street “Come Hungry, Leave Happy” tour put on by Enjoy the D from Becky Scarcello @ the D Brief podcast and knew I wanted to do one. So when my mom asked me if I would be interested in going to one with her, I was excited! This particular tour was in Eastern Market and features delicious eats from local businesses and vendors throughout the sheds. As you walk through Eastern Market, the tour guide, Linda shares historic tidbits and heart warming stories.

Check in was @ Rocky’s Historic Eastern Market at 9:15AM. Great spot for bulk foods! If you love candy and spices, this is YOUR spot.

The first stop on our tour was Supino’s Pizzeria where we ate our fill. Supino’s staff brought out pizza after pizza for our group to devour. I don’t know about you, but the best part of waking up, is pizza at 9:30AM!

Veggie white pizza: with artichoke, tomato, onion, spinach. I really liked that the pizza was thin crust.

Veggie pizza from Supino's Pizza in Eastern Market, Detroit, MI. Find the full review at

Veggie white pizza: with eggplant, onion, and spinach. This was the first time I had eggplant on a pizza and it was amazing!

Veggie pizza with eggplant from Supino's Pizza in Eastern Market, Detroit, MI. Find the full review at

Next, the Feet on the Street tour continued to Gratiot St. and stopped by Ronnie’s Meats inside Gratiot Central Market. A family owned business established in 1967, Ronnie’s is your one stop shop for all your grocery needs. In addition to meats, Ronnie’s also offers aisles of groceries. Although I’ve driven by the building many times, I didn’t realize what Gratiot Central Market had inside. Tons of meat and seafood vendors as well as a cheese shop.

Ronnie's Meats, Eastern Market Detroit, MI. Find the full review at
The owners of Ronnie's Meats in Detroit's Eastern Market, Rosemary and Tommy Bedway.
Rosemary Bedway and her son, Tommy

Tommy, Ronnie’s son, took about 15-20 min to walk us through how he grew up in the family business, started working once he was old enough, and now carries on his father’s legacy.

Next, the Feet on the Street tour went to Germack Pistachio Co. and indulged in nuts, dried fruits, and homemade honey roasted peanut butter.

Honey roasted peanut butter from Germack Pistachio Co, Eastern Market Detroit, MI. Check out the full review at
Fresh, homemade nut butter from Germack Pistachio Co in Eastern Market, Detroit, MI. Find the review at

One of our last stops was through the Eastern Market Sheds, where we visited Aunt Nee’s guacamole, Michigan Farm to Freezer, and Love’s Pies.

Delicious cherries courtesy of Michigan Farm to Freezer

Cherries from Michigan Farm to Freezer. Find the full review at

The Feet on the Street tour wrapped up with Devrie’s & Co. where we sampled cheeses, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, fresh baked bread and Italian pasta sauce.

Overall, I am glad I finally went on the Feet on the Street tour. It was very informational and I gained some new foodie spots. I was most impressed with Tommy from Ronnie’s Meats. His passion and love for his community is inspiring. Ronnie’s Meats will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Happy Anniversary!

If you haven’t experienced Feet on the Street’s strolling brunch tour, check it out. Feet on the Street also offers strolling brunch tours in Capital Park near Downtown Detroit. Be sure to say Hi to Linda for me!