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Lately, I have been craving an Impossible Burger. For those that do not know what an Impossible Burger is, see below:

  • The Impossible Burger bleeds like beef, smells like beef, looks like beef, but it’s plant based.

In January of this year, Impossible Foods launched a new version of their burger called the Impossible Burger 2.0

Impossible burger
Photo credit: Impossible Foods

The first time I had the Impossible Burger it was unbelievable. No, really. I couldn’t believe it was plant based. It smelled, looked, and tasted like beef. It was really hard for me to eat it. I felt like I was being tricked! But once I got over that, I thought how great it was. A plant based burger that actually would satisfy those beefy burger cravings.

I did a search on Google and was surprised at all the results that came up. I had no idea that all these restaurants in the city offered the Impossible Burger! After looking further, I realized that a lot of places don’t actually serve the Impossible Burger (outdated menus) or they have vegan burgers (black bean, falafel, etc), but not the Impossible Burger. has a great map of all the spots that serve the Impossible Burger in your area. However, I bumped this list up against Detroit menus and found it’s not updated.

I’ve compiled a list of Detroit spots that serve the Impossible Burger as an easy guide for you guys. These are in no specific order. Enjoy!

Brome Eatery, 607 Shelby St, Downtown Detroit

Impossible Burger, as well as the Vegumami and Veganmami including organic vegan patties.

Lovers Only, Downtown Detroit

Impossible Burger on an English muffin for $10 (not bad)!

Honest Johns,Midtown Detroit

Impossible burger and Impossible Reuben (burger with Swiss, kraut, and 1000 Island)

Wahlburgers, Greektown Detroit

Topped with the signature Wahlburger sauce for $13.25

Chili Mustard Onion, Brush Park Detroit

The exception: Vegan Coney Spot, you won’t find the Impossible Burger on the menu, but if you’re craving a meatless burger, they offer the Beyond Burger and it’s good!

Big Mock from Chili Mustard Onion in Brush Park, Detroit, MI features two vegan beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, special sauce on a sesame seed bun. Find the full post at
Big Mock with a side of chili cheese fries from Chili Mustard Onion

Hopcat, Midtown Detroit

Impossible Burger for $13…..sheesh!

Grand Trunk Pub, Downtown Detroit

Impossible Burger with Better Made chips for $12

Mudgie’s Deli & Wine Shop, Midtown Detroit

One of my favorite spots for good, comforting vegetarian/vegan sandwiches. The Impossible Burger pops up on their daily specials menu from time to time

Green Dot Stables, Corktown Detroit

Impossible Slider for $4

Woodbridge Pub, Woodbridge Detroit

Impossible Burger served with potato chips for $14….eeek!

Parc, Downtown Detroit

A little pricey, but they do offer two versions of the Impossible Burger on their lunch menu. $14/$15

Roast,Westin Hotel, Downtown Detroit

Impossible Burger $12 on the bar menu

Sgt Pepperoni’s, Magic Stick, Midtown Detroit

One of my favorite spots for a show and pizza slice. They also offer the Impossible Burger on an onion roll for $12.95. Hell yea!

Hope this helps everyone! Of course, menus can change so it’s always a good idea to call the restaurant beforehand to double check that they even offer the Impossible Burger. Nothing is worse than looking up a menu, seeing something absolutely delicious, and getting to the restaurant and being disappointed when they don’t have it. This has happened to me more times than I can count and it really upsets me.