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Detroit popups have become super popular lately, especially since Street Beat joined the crew with their crafty vegan creations of fast food menu items. The thing about Detroit popups, if you’re not quick, you might miss out on some killer eats. Here’s a list of some of Detroit’s hottest upcoming popups. Gabriel Hall hits the scene with Louisiana fare and Spacecat V-stro brings nutritious, scratch made vegetarian/vegan comfort food. Mark your calendars! This one goes out to you, Seth!

  • Crispy Roll (unique egg rolls), April 20th, 8PM, Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
  • Street Beet, Vegan BBQ, April 22nd, 6 PM, Slow’s, Corktown, Detroit
  • Spacecat V-stro Vegan Happy Hour, April 25th, 6PM @ Two James, Corktown, Detroit
  • Pietrzyk Pierogi (Polish street food), April 26th, 4-9PM @ Two James, Corktown, Detroit
  • Gabriel Hall, April 28th 5-9PM. Brunch for Dinner @ Mudgie’s Deli & Wine Shop, Corktown, Detroit .***Please purchase tickets for food items through Eventbrite here: Brunch for Dinner****

Street Beet

  • Kentucky Fake Chicken, May 2nd, 6PM, @ Nancy Whiskeys, Detroit
  • Vegan Taco Hell, May 14th, 6PM, PJ’s Lager House, Corktown Detroit
  • Mc Daddy’s (vegan), June 20th, 6PM @ Nancy Whiskeys, Detroit

Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco Supreme with walnut ground beef, cashew sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese. The taco shell was lightly dusted with nacho cheese seasoning which really took this taco over the top. Read the full review at

Lost River’s April Vegan Takeover

  • Spacecat V-stro, April 18th, 7-11PM
  • Nosh Pit, April 19th, 7-11PM
  • Dr. Sushi, April 20th 7-11PM
  • Grim Feeder April 24th, 7-11PM
  • Drift Leaf, April 25th, 7-11PM
  • Phat Vgan (vegan comfort foods with a twist), April 26th, 7-11PM
  • Street Beet, April 27th, 7-11PM

Semi Permanent 

  • Irie Occasions, Jamaican Pop up, Every Saturday, 5-10PM @ Brooklyn Street Local, Corktown, Detroit
  • Dr Sushi, Ramen nights, Every last Tuesday of the month, 6 PM @ PJ’S Lager House, Corktown, Detroit


It’s not technically Detroit, but close enough and definitely worth mentioning

  • Nosh Pit, Vegan Food Fiesta Popup, Sunday, May 5th, 6PM, Hamtramck
  • Hamtramck Popup Food Fest, Saturday, May 11th & 12th, 3PM-2AM

You won’t want to miss these Detroit popups. I have been wanting to try Kentucky Fake Chicken and Spacecat V-tro, but all of them sound pretty good. See you there!