For Fat Tuesday, I celebrated at the Gabriel Hall pop up at Nancy Whiskey’s in Detroit, MI. Gabriel Hall is a Louisiana style restaurant serving Creole classics. Gabriel Hall holds pop ups in the Detroit area while they await the opening of their restaurant planned for Detroit’s West Village very soon!!!

Here’s what was on the menu:

  • Shrimp & Grits
  • Voodoo Poutine
  • Red Beans & Rice
  • Dirty Rice Egg Rolls
  • King Cake
  • Creole Cornbread.

Red Beans & Rice (vegan): Camellia’s red beans, a New Orleans based brand which Chef Ederique swears by, cooked in creole spices, and served with white rice. These are the ONLY beans she uses. Creamy, full of flavor, with a nice balance of heat and spices.

The Red Beans & Rice from Gabriel Hall is exactly what you would expect for a Louisiana classic. Find the full post at

Dirty Egg Rolls: Egg roll shells stuffed with dirty rice, deep fried to golden perfection and served with a Creole remoulade. “Dirty rice” is a traditional Creole dish. It get’s its name from white rice that is cooked with pork, beef, or chicken, Creole trinity (green bell pepper, celery, and onion), cayenne, and black pepper. Since these contain meat, I let Nastassia be my taste tester. The outside of the egg roll was crunchy, exactly what you want from an egg roll. The inside of the egg roll was soft and filled with the dirty rice mixture. The combo of the crunchy outside and soft, tender inside, made for the perfect egg roll.

Dirty Rice Eggrolls from Gabriel Hall pop up in Detroit, MI included dirty rice served with a spicy Creole remoulade. Find the full review at

Voodoo Poutine: A fusion dish with a Creole twist on a Canadian favorite. Voodoo fries spiced with classic Creole seasoning, New Orleans stewed chicken, topped with melted cheese and house made remoulade. As far as the stewed chicken, my taste tester adds that it was tender, juicy in a rich gravy. That remoulade tho! Tangy, spicy, with a nice zip. It was great paired with the Creole seasoned fries. It was creamy, light, and the cherry on top of the voodoo poutine sundae!

The Voodoo Poutine from Gabriel Hall's pop up in Detroit, MI features crispy french fries topped with New Orleans stewed chicken, melted cheese, and house made remoulade. Find the full post at

Creole Cornbread: This is hands down my favorite item on the Gabriel Hall menu. Chef Ederique will not tell me the secret recipe, but I taste a hint of almond. It’s slightly sweet and moist, which is hard to achieve with cornbread. Hands down comforting!

The Gabriel Brass Band provided the entertainment for the night. The music was good and they did a great job at getting everyone into the Mardi Gras spirit. The overall vibe was awesome. Everyone was enjoying the food and having a great time. Follow Gabriel hall on IG and Facebook for upcoming events, pop ups, and news about their restaurant opening.

Thank you to Gabriel Hall for inviting me to experience an awesome Fat Tuesday!