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About me

About Me


Hi. Hello. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my blog where you will find honest reviews of the hottest spots in metro Detroit. OK, some are local dives, but I promise, they are dishing out some killer dishes. I seek to push the envelope and find unique, delicious eats. Over the years, I have transitioned to eating healthier and even gave up meat. You will mainly find vegetarian posts, but fish and seafood are also featured. Of course, I do like to indulge in “bad” food from time to time. Gimmee a break, I’m only human!

I am obsessed with comfort food. Some of my favorites are Superman ice cream, fried rice, and mom’s lasagna. Mom makes a killer vegetarian version that is almost better than her classic meat one. I can always get down with hushpuppies and pierogies as well (I am Polish, afterall). Pad Thai is something that I never get sick of. So spicy that it hurts to eat, but burns so good! Oh and let’s not forget sushi and Mexican. Cheese enchiladas, please!

I am a huge movie and music junkie. My favorites include super cheesy rom coms, Christmas movies, psychological thrillers, horror movies, and punk rock. I am a thrill seeker and lover of roller coasters. I am most happy hiking, laughing with friends and hanging out with animals. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Like, share, be kind, comment, collaborate, rinse and repeat!



An appetite for culinary precision

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