L.A. restaurant, Urban Ramen, opened it’s doors a few weeks ago in Midtown, Detroit. Located on Woodward Ave, right down the street from the Majestic Theater and Magic Stick, Urban Ramen has a simple menu with bold flavors. Urban Ramens delivers modern, yet traditional Japanese dishes. Urban Ramen’s noodles, both thick & thin, are aged for three days and made in house, daily. Combine fresh noodles with Urban Ramen’s slow cooked broth and you get a pretty tasty bowl of ramen.

Shoyu Vegan Ramen: Clear vegan broth, thick noodle, grilled maitake mushroom, fried burdock, wakame, white onion, radish sprouts, and bamboo. When I was asked if I wanted this bowl spicy, the natural answer was “yes,” but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The heat was intense, but balanced well with the rich broth. The fried burdock added texture and a nice crunch. The maitake mushroom was my favorite. It had this amazing sweet flavor, which had teriyaki vibes. Really delicious and I wish the dish had more!

Pictured is the Shoyu Vegan Ramen bowl from Urban Ramen in Detroit, MI. This dish features clear vegan broth, thick noodles, grilled maitake mushroom, white onion, fried burdock, wakame, radish sprouts, and bamboo. Find the full review at www.thebite2night.com

Note: Burdock is crazy good for you! It’s is a blood purifier, lymphatic system strengthener, natural diuretic and skin healer. It also defends against diabetes, fights cancer, and improves arthritis.

There was only a 30 min wait on a Saturday which isn’t bad considering the smaller dining room. Service was good and the food came out fairly quick. Urban Ramen offers chicken, classic pork, or vegan ramen bowls and a handful of sides including garlic edamame and spicy tuna volcano. Urban Ramen makes it easy to customize your bowl. I was surprised that I didn’t see tofu on the menu, but Urban Ramen has a plethora of additional toppings you can throw in. Feeling like corn? Add it! Need more protein? Include an egg or extra meat. Urban Ramen is opened MON-SAT: 11AM-3PM & 5PM-10PM, closed Sunday. Check em out!

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