As the cool weather comes in, we can’t help but feel that Summer is over, but we still have a couple weeks left! I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready for boot weather. At the same time, I am trying to savor the sunshine and get my fix of all my favorite Summer veggies. As we come upon the official end of Summer (September 22), let’s recap the Bite Tonight’s top posts of the past few months, shall we?

5. Hygrade Deli (Detroit, MI). Looking for some of the best corned beef in Detroit? Look no further! Hygrade Deli is the spot for killer corned beef. The Reuben did not disappoint. If you haven’t experience it, put down whatever you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go!

The famous Reuben Sandwich from Hygrade Deli in Detroit, MI has thinly slice corned beef, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing all served on grilled rye. Find the full post at

4. O.W.L (Royal Oak, MI).  O.W.L set up shop in the spot that used to occupy the Onion Roll Deli. The menu consists of Mexican-American inspired options including my favorite, Chicken Fried Chicken.

Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich from O.W.L in Royal Oak, MI is the perfect comfort food. Find the full post at

3. Mudgie’s Deli and Wine Shop (Corktown, Detroit, MI). Mudgie’s is one of my favorite sandwich spots, but their brunch game is solid. Plus, Mudgie’s Deli and Wine Shop is located in Corktown, Detroit, MI which is also one of my favorite neighborhoods.

The Eggs Benedict from Mudgie's Deli in Detroit, MI includes Prosciutto, Caciocavella cheese on a soft, buttery croissant, all topped with rich hollandaise sauce and two poached eggs. The perfect brunch menu item. Find the full post at

2. Gabriel Hall (Detroit, MI). The Po Boy pop up at Nancy Whiskey was such a success! The Catfish Po Boy was the star of the show. Gabriel Hall aims to open their own restaurant in Detroit’s West Village in 2018.

The Catfish Po Boy from Gabriel Hall is crispy, yet flaky. Flavor was on point and the bread was soft and chewy. Find the full post at

And now, what we have all been waiting for! The #1 top post of Summer goes to…..

1. Birthday Celebration (Corktown, Detroit, MI) featuring some of the best fried chicken I have ever tasted at Gold Cash Gold in Corktown. Also, Tunisian Cauliflower from Standby is outstanding. I also want to give a shout out to B. Nektar for conveniently scheduling their MeadFest 2017 the day before my birthday. Zombie Killer is my fav <3

The Pickle Brined Fried Chicken and Waffles includes cornbread waffles. The fried chicken was juicy and moist. Find the full post at

All in all, every spot I had the chance to visit this Summer was delicious. I can’t wait to see what Fall and Winter have in store! Even though I hate the pumpkin spice craze that takes place, I am looking forward to more dishes incorporating squash. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and follow me on social media so you don’t miss a post.