O.W.L in Royal Oak, MI is a 24 hour diner style eatery serving up upscale Mexican-American comfort food. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.comThere aren’t too many cool spots that are 24 hours and serve “upscale” diner food. Let me introduce you to O.W.L, Royal Oak’s eatery that occupies the former Onion Roll Deli space on Woodward Ave. With a Mexican-American inspired menu (and totally created by the staff) O.W.L offers classics like burgers, tacos, and wings. There is a focus around Chicken Fried Chicken* which I love. You can order this two ways: as a sandwich or smothered in gravy. 

*Chicken Fried Chicken: Chicken fried chicken is an American breaded cutlet dish consisting of a piece of chicken pounded thin and coated with seasoned flour then pan-fried. A variation of Chicken Fried Steak, if you will.

Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich: Sesame bun, cheese, sauce & pickles. I added grilled onions and jalapeño (which were fresh and wayyy too spicy, haha). If you know me, you know that I LOVE Chicken Fried Chicken. You can imagine my excitement when I saw one of my favorite dishes blowing up all over O.W.L.’s menu. I went with the sandwich and it was awesome! You gotta love it when you order a sandwich and the meat hangs out over of the edge of the bun. This BEAUTY was only $8!Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich from O.W.L in Royal Oak, MI is the perfect comfort food. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Curly Fries: Option to add chili and/or poblano cheese sauce. Fresh, crispy, and golden. Delicious! Can’t go wrong with curly fries! The Curly Fries from O.W.L in Royal Oak, MI are crispy and delicious. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Chips and Salsa: Fresh tomato, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro. Fresh, crunchy tortilla chips were the perfect tool to scoop this mild and flavorful salsa. In addition, you could really taste the made from scratch love that came through with each well balanced ingredient.

Chips and Salsa from O.W.L in Royal Oak, MI. Fresh and bright flavors are showcased in this homemade salsa. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

In conclusion, O.W.L serves up fresh, quality comfort food at a tasty price. Late night diner usually means “drunk food” and consists of breakfast or a lot of heavy carbs. Not at O.W.L. The menu isn’t too big, but includes all the essentials. There was also a cool vibe. I sat at the counter and made friends with my neighbors on either side of me. One even suggested I try the macha which I can best describe as a smoky oil condiment/sauce made with dried chilies and full of flavor. It wasn’t spicy, but just delicious. Although, I loved what I ordered, I keep hearing that I should’ve tried the Double layered Nachos which sausage chili, poblano cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, and radish. Needless to say, the layered nachos are next on my list!
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