Some of you may remember What Crepe, which closed down its Metro Detroit locations in 2014. Well, the crepes are back and the space has re-opened its Royal Oak spot under the name “Le Crepe.” Described as casual gourmet, Le Crepe is creating made to order dishes from scratch. With a menu of both savory and sweet selections, diners can indulge in a wide variety of choices. Monte Cristo, My Morning Jacket (ham, asparagus, Swiss), and the Nutty Monkey to name a few.

I had the opportunity to attend a networking event here a couple weeks ago and tried 5 different crepes. See how they measured up.


Seabreeze: Marinated shrimp, sun dried tomato, bacon, pesto, parmesan, garlic-herb crepe (featured on the right). This was my favorite! The sun dried tomato was tasty with the pesto and bacon. The shrimp was seasoned nicely and the perfect amount of pesto was drizzled on top. The Seabreeze Crepe from Le Crepe in Downtown Royal Oak, MI includes sun dried tomato, shrimp, pesto, and bacon. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.comMushroom Madness: Wild mushroom blend, spinach, vegan mozzarella cheese, vegan truffle zip, vegan and gluten free crepe. I appreciated that this crepe was both vegan and gluten free and didn’t taste like cardboard. The mushroom blend paired well with the mozzarella. The subtle truffle zip allowed the mushrooms to do their thing. Mushroom Madness Crepe from Le Crepe in Royal Oak, MI is both vegan and gluten free. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.comObvious: Pan seared chicken, raw pecans, caramelized apples, spinach, feta. I liked each component separately, but they didn’t really fit together. The chicken was tender and juicy. The caramelized apples added sweetness, the feta contributed saltiness, and the pecans added texture. The spinach was raw, but would’ve been better if it was sautéed. This crepe needed a sauce of some sort.Obvious Crepe from Le Crepe in Royal Oak, MI combines pan seared chicken, spinach, pecans, and caramelized apples. Find the full post at


Banana Exotique: Caramelized bananas, toasted coconut, caramel sauce, powdered sugar, whipped cream. I am not a banana person, but this crepe was pretty good. The toasted coconut paired nicely with the caramelized banana and caramel sauce. You got a little bit of every ingredient with each bite. Also, the presentation was on point.The Banana Exotique Crepe from Le Crepe in Royal Oak, MI is the perfect thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. Caramel, bananas, coconut, and whipped cream come together to create a sweet treat. Find the full post at thebite2night.comS’more: Peanut butter, chocolate sauce, marshmallow sauce, graham cracker crumbs. I liked everything about this crepe except for the graham cracker crumbs. This crepe was a tad dry and would’ve been good with more sauce. The crepe was thin and each ingredient was evenly layered. I got more of a PB & J vibe rather than a S’mores feel from this crepe.Smore Crepe at Le Crepe in Downtown Royal Oak, MI is drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce dusted with graham cracker crumbs. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.comA big shout out to Chef Dennis and the Le Crepe team for the invite and opportunity. Le Crepe is a super cute, quaint space that is serving up crepes for every palette. Another thing I liked is Le Crepe offers options for any diet restriction. Aside from crepes, you can order soups, salads, appetizers, and different types of coffees. In addition to an extensive menu, Le Crepe offers their space for private events. You can book the restaurant for birthdays, tea parties, basically any occasion. How cool!

Le Crepe•317 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067•(248) 629-9391

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