The historic 1920’s Rogers mansion turned sushi spot, Shiro Restaurant, or as I like to call it, Sushi Mansion (thanks, Tee!) offers traditional Japanese cuisine, and creatively, unique rolls. The Rogers mansion was called “White House Manor,” not because of it’s white color, but because it was built with profits from the White House Milk Company. “Shiro” in Japanese, means “castle” or “white.” Hence the name, Shiro Restaurant. With a plethora of sushi rolls, appetizers, entrees, udon, and seafood options, the choices are endless. One of my favorite things about Shiro Restaurant is the unique ingredients in their sushi rolls; pesto cream sauce, pinot noir horseradish sauce, sweet potato crunch and Chipotle Pomegranate sauce to name a few. Emily and I went with a few sushi rolls and a bottle of moscato, because well, when in Rome. 

Red Tornado (middle)

Krab Tempura, Avocado, & Cucumber; Topped with Spicy Shrimp & Crab Salad, & Flame Torched with a Sweet Honey Cream Sauce. My favorite! The spicy shrimp and crab salad was bright with a nice kick of spice. Flame torching the roll amped up its flavor and added some texture. Shiro Restaurant was generous with the sweet honey cream sauce, but it worked for me. It wasn’t too overpowering or took away from the other flavors. The sweet honey cream sauce paired well with the subtle heat from the spicy shrimp and crab salad.

The Red Tornado roll from Shiro Restaurant in Novi, MI includes krab tempura, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy shrimp and crab salad, flame torched and drizzeld with a sweet, honey cream sauce. The combo of sweet and spicy is excellent! Find the full post at

Spicy Shrimp Tempura (left)

Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Crab, with Spicy Mayo & Hot Sauce. I am a huge fan of anything tempura, it adds texture and its a nice change from the traditional raw rolls. This roll was spicier than I expected, but it had a nice flavor. The cucumber and avocado added a coolness to counter the heat. The spicy mayo added a nice rich, creamy, chili flavor that went well with the warmth from the hot sauce.

The Spicy Shrimp Tempura, roll from Shiro Restaurant in Novi, MI combines shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, crab, spicy mayo, and hot sauce. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.comThe Spicy Shrimp Tempura roll from Shiro Restaurant in Novi, MI combines shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, crab, spicy mayo, and hot sauce. A nice, spicy flavor joins crispy tempura for a delicious roll. Find the full post at

Fatty (right)

Panko-fried California roll with Jalapeno Cream Cheese & Honey Cream Sauce, Flame Torched. Who doesn’t love a California roll? And then cover it in panko and fry it? Yum! The jalapeno cream cheese was good and added a nice kick, but was overwhelming. After a couple bites, I cut the cream cheese amount in half and it was better. The honey cream sauce added enough sweet to balance out the spicy jalapeno.

The Fatty roll from Shiro Restaurant in Novi, MI was one of my favorites. Panko-fried California roll with jalapeno cream cheese & honey cream sauce, flame torched. Find the full post at

Service was good and the rolls were excellent. I haven’t had a flame torched roll before and really enjoyed it. Their creative rolls definitely set Shiro restaurant apart from other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to. I loved that this sushi bar and restaurant has a story behind it. My only regret is that we didn’t order the Tuna martini, which apparently is deliciousness in a glass. Chopped, fresh tuna, mixed with mango, avocado, jalapeno, wonton chips & a spicy cream sauce, served over seaweed salad in a martini glass. Our neighbors got this and it looked killer! After dinner, I wandered up the grand staircase to the second floor and scoped things out. Word on the street is that Shiro Restaurant is haunted, but I didn’t sense anything. I will have to feel things out on my next trip.

Shiro Restaurant in Novi, MI offers Japanese cuisine including creative and unique sushi rolls, udon, appetizers, and entrees. Find the full post at

Emily, let me know when you are ready for the Tuna Martini! <3

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