Climb up to the 16th floor inside Motor City Casino (or take the elevator like the rest of us) and experience the view that is Iridescence. Iridescence’s philosophy combines perfectly executed food with stunning ambience to create an experience that is sure to exceed your expectations. With a digital menu (a tablet with gorgeous pictures and mouth watering food descriptions), Iridescence makes choosing your drinks and meals exciting and fun. I enjoyed a ladies night out with my mom (long overdue birthday dinner) and we ordered a handful of selections and indulged in each flavor profile. Iridescence, Motor City Casino, in Detroit, MI offers an exceptional experience through igniting your tastebuds with high quality, seasonal ingredients and a breathtaking view from the 16th floor. Find the full post at

48-Hour Short Rib

Tamarind glaze, sweet corn and cheddar tamale, tomatillo coulis (thick sauce made from pureed tomatillo). The flavor of the short rib was perfect. You could taste the sweet tamarind glaze with each tender piece. The tamale was a creative compliment that added a Southwest flare to this appetizer. The tomatillo coulis was bright and went well with the tamale. I only wish there were more of it. The 48 HR Short Rib from Iridescence in Motor City Casino is coupled with a corn and cheddar tamale and topped with a tomatillo coulis. Find the full post at

Seasonal Cheese Plate

Featuring Midnight Moon (goat’s milk), Point Reyes (blue cheese) and Delice de Bourgogne (French cow’s milk) cheeses, marinated cherries, and honey all served with toasted baguette. My favorite was the tangy, blue cheese. It was extremely creamy and delicious spread on the baguette and topped with the sweet cherries. The Delice de Bourgogne is made from triple cream which makes it silky and rich. Slightly tangy and sweet, this soft cheese was nice. The nutty and brown buttery Midnight Moon tasted best with honey drizzled on top.

The Cheese Plate from Iridescence in Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI features Midnight Moon, Point Reyes blue cheese, and Delice de Bourgogne with cherries and honey. Find the full post at

Niman Ranch Prime Filet

6 oz barrel cut served with a cognac glaze and grilled tomatoes. Well seasoned with a nice char. I feel that a good steak doesn’t need any sauce, but this was very tasty with the sweet cognac glaze. The filet was tender and juicy, with a pink center. I wish we would’ve ordered this medium or medium rare, as it was a little more done that I like, but it was still very good.

The Niman Ranch Prime Filet 6 oz cut is well seasoned and paired with blistered tomatoes. Find the full post at

Frito Misto

We ordered the Frito Misto as our side to the steak

Frito Misto: Sweet potato, Shiitake mushroom, broccoli, and cauliflower served with a buttermilk, scallion aioli. The sweet potato was my favorite! The light, crispy, batter paired so well with the sweet, tender potato. The mushroom was really good as well. Earthy, still with some texture. Cauliflower is always a favorite of mind and this time it was no different. The broccoli florets became very crispy once fried which I didn’t care for. The flavor was good, but they almost crumbled in your mouth as if they were overcooked. Even though these veggies were deep fried, they weren’t heavy or greasy like I expected. Plus, I love that they came served in a mini basket. The Frito Misto from Iridescence in Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI features lightly battered cauliflower, shitake mushroom, sweet potato, and broccoli. Find the full post at The Frito Misto from Iridescence in Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI features lightly battered cauliflower, shitake mushroom, sweet potato, and broccoli. Find the full post at

We finished off the dinner with a decadent dessert

Melting Chocolate Sphere

Dark Belgian chocolate sphere, dusted with strawberry powder, filled with a rich flourless chocolate cake and fresh raspberries and served with caramel sauce. How cool! Our server poured hot caramel sauce on top of this dessert which made it melt open revealing the sinful chocolate surprise. The chocolate sphere was a hollowed out ball of chocolate filled with a lovely chocolate cake and raspberries. Once the sides of the sphere were melted away by the hot caramel, we were faced with a divine dessert unlike anything I have ever tried. Points for the well executed theatrics of this sweet treat.

The Melted Chocolate Sphere from Iridescence in Motor City Casino has hot caramel sauce poured on time revealing a flourless chocolate cake and fresh raspberries. Find the full post at

Our server, Oretha, did a wonderful job. Every time I turned my head, my water glass was getting topped off. Our napkins were neatly folded and silverware replaced in between each course. Oretha was friendly, funny, attentive to our needs, and even wrote a birthday message for me on our dessert plate (even though my birthday was in August). She really made our experience a great one. It was really cool when Oretha brought out a appetizer, “compliments of the chef,” which was a small bite of butternut squash and cashew. If you want to enjoy a nice dinner, make a reservation at Iridescence. You get to savor delicious food, great service, all while enjoying a gorgeous view of the city. They also offer a great bar menu, amazing drinks, and daily specials.

A huge thanks to JP, Stash, and Josh for treating me to an amazing birthday dinner. It means so much to me. I love you guys and I am so lucky to call you family! <3

Iridescence•2901 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48201•(313) 237-6732

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