If you follow my blog (and actually read my posts), you might recognize this next feature. One of my favorite hangout spots happens to be in Depot Town, Ypsilanti: Cultivate Coffee & Tap House. The menu is small, but strong and they revamped it a handful of months back. Cultivate prides itself on creating a community where everyone belongs. This place has all around great positive vibes with a little bit for everyone. From top seasonal craft beers, to some of the best brewed coffee I’ve tasted, to delicious sandwiches made with the freshest local ingredients to homemade desserts from Zingermann’s! Another thing I dig about Cultivate Coffee & Tap House is that they host a multitude of different events, have a cupboard full of community board games, and have a bad ass biergarten when the weather is nice. They are dog friendly and attract cool ass people.

Lora, Lauren, and I enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon with grub, beer, and Dominion.

My absolute FAVORITE sandwich: Turkey, Avocado, Swiss with apple slices, drizzled with honey. For $9 you get a healthy sandwich crafted with quality, good for you ingredients and a generous side of wavy potato chips. Let’s not forget the pickle! This is the perfect amount of food and leaves me feeling amazing after. Not to mention, that it tastes great. It’s just so fresh and delicious! I always get a side of dijon mustard to add a nice zesty tang and tie the whole thing together. And, the chips taste yummy dipped in it, too.

The Turkey Avocado Swiss Sandwich from Cultivate Coffee & Tap House is the best thing on the menu. Thinly sliced turkey breast, fresh apple slices, Swiss, a drizzle of honey on freshly baked bread. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Goes great with a pint of Speciation’s Tart Cherry Incipient. Brewed in Comstock Park, MI: Ale style sour with a hint of sweetness and a tart finish. One of my favorites! This one has a nice balance of sweet and sour.

Speciation's Tart Cherry Incipient is a sour ale with a hint of sweetness. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Speciation’s Tart Cherry Incipient

Veggie Everything Bagel Sandwich: Toasted bagel shmeared with cream cheese, with roasted red pepper, cucumber, sprouts, carrots. Fresh ingredients and a healthy way to start any day. This was pretty tasty, except for the fennel seed that was on the bagel. Normally, fennel seed is not something that it included on an everything bagel so we weren’t expecting it. It was strong and overpowered the whole sandwich. After flicking off the fennel seed, this sandwich was a lot better. Leave out the fennel!

Check out the Everything Bagel Sandwich with fresh veggies from Cultivate Coffee & Tap House in Ypsilanti, MI. Read the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Cultivate Coffee & Tap House is a great place to chill with a beer, challenge your friends to a friendly game of Dominion (like I do), or get work done (bring your laptop, plug in, and log on to WiFi). Cultivate Coffee & Tap House offers a rotating list of craft beers with a mug club, craft cocktails, freshly brewed coffee including espresso, hand crafted drinks, pour overs, and a seasonal food menu. Check out their website or social media pages for their next event. They have everything from trivia, to chess meet ups, and tutoring, to an array of different networking opportunities like filmmakers meet ups to simply write workshops.