Executive Chef, Kate Williams, formerly of Republic and Parks & Rec Diner, left the duo in 2015 with the goal of discovering why she became a chef. After two years of development and much anticipation, Lady of the House opened its doors in September in Corktown, Detroit, MI. Renovating the space St Cece’s previously occupied, Chef Kate chose the Corktown spot because of its neighborhood feel.

Chef Kate is incorporating her Irish roots and focusing on Irish hospitality down to every detail. From the minute guests walk into the door to when they leave. Kate is “throwing a dinner party every night” and treating Lady of the House as her own personal dining room. Every guest is greeted with tea and crackers and then presented with a menu offering shareable plates and the nose to tail style of cooking Chef Kate is known for. The menu is seasonal since Chef Kate works with local sources, but you can expect to see lamb and seafood, again staying in line with Irish cuisine.

Pink Moon Oysters

Green peppercorn•hot sauce. Pink Moon oysters are known for having a creamy texture and salty, clean taste with a sweet finish. I just recently started getting into oysters. I never really saw what all the hype was about, but these were tasty. The house hot sauce had a nice vinegary heat that paired well with the fresh, sweet shellfish. The green peppercorn sauce presented a mild vinegary flavor, with a slightly spicy essence.

The Pink Moon Oysters from Lady of the House in Detroit, MI are served with peppercorn and hot sauce. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Mushroom Toast

Ricotta•pickled scallion•sherry. The mushrooms were sautéed in a delicious sauce. It was rich from the meaty mushrooms and had a nice sweetness that went well with the creamy ricotta. The blend of different types of mushrooms was nice and created depth. The toast held it’s texture and was still, well toasty. It didn’t get soggy with all the generous toppings.

The Mushroom Toast from Lady of the House in Detroit, MI is a mixture of seasonal mushrooms and scallion, layed on top a layer of creamy ricotta. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Steak Tartare

Charred leek • oyster aioli • rye sourdough. I was expecting more salt from the oyster aioli, but it was subtle in a good way. The rye sourdough was more like a super crispy, buttery, fried, pita chip. It was tasty, but I don’t think it paired well with the tartare as it was a little on the heavy side. I would’ve preferred a nice piece of charred bread instead of the crispy sourdough pita. This dish was very fresh, with almost an olive oil, bright, mediterranean flavor to it. It reminded me of something delicious I’ve had, but I couldn’t put my finger (or tongue) on it. Needless to say, it was good.

The Steak Tartare from Lady of the House in Detroit, MI combines oyster aioli, charred leek, and a rye sourdough for texture. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Tuna Tartare

Tomato • anchovy bread crumb • egg. The anchovy bread crumb gave this dish enough texture that you didn’t need a crunchy companion to scoop up its goodness. Although, I do appreciate a nice piece of grilled bread with tartare, it wasn’t needed here. This tuna tartare didn’t have to try too hard to be delicious. Bright, fresh flavors executed with simple sophistication.

The Tuna Tartare from Lady of the House in Detroit, MI features an anchovy breadcrumb that adds just enough crunch to take this dish over the edge. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

Service was good and I could see how Chef Kate’s vision of Irish hospitality was carefully executed with each interaction. Our server was very knowledgable, basically running through the whole menu, when prompted, offering suggestions and answering questions. It says a lot about a place when you ask the server their favorites and they respond practically listing off the whole menu. Chef Kate has quite the eye for detail. I loved the ambience, candlelight and comforting vibes. Everything was carefully thought out from the pineapple wallpaper, to the gorgeous china, to the Detroit Rose candles with the establishment’s very own branded “Lady” scent.

Lady of the House is located in Corktown, Detroit, MI. Find the full post at www.thebite2night.com

You can experience Chef Kate’s collaboration with local vendors including gin from Detroit City Distillery and Batch Brewing Company. I love that Lady of the House works closely with urban farmers and sources including Acre Farm, Food Field, Brother Nature Farm, Recovery Park, Coriander Farm, Cover Crop Ranch in addition to an array of other local vendors. This really just drives home Chef Kates theme of being a part of the community and how important this is to her team.

Expect to find a brunch menu down the road. I can’t wait to see what amazing things Chef Kate has in store. Lady of the House is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday and is now accepting reservations. Visit reserve.com to book your table now.

Lady of the House•1426 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216•(313) 818-0218

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